Q1: Pipe pump is used in the degreasing process before painted, and the shaft seal is often leaking even be replaced for several times. How to solve this problem?

A: First of all, confirm leakage part is in the sealing ring or in the sealing ring for corrosion, or in  the surface of the friction pair for damage. It  is necessary to decide the medium condition of the pump,  like whether there are  impurities in the medium. Different medium needs corresponding  material of corrosion-resisting sealing roller, the medium within impurities grain needs configurating special anti-friction sealing cover.


Q2: Where can I see the installation instructions of CDL pump?

A: you can find it in the the packing box.


Q3: whether the CDL15-10 and CDLF15-10 pump are only  different in the base stainless steel,  is there any differences in their performance curve?

A: CDL (F) series ordinary type and stainless steel type are  exactly the same in  performance curve.


Q4: Is there coupling in CDL15-4 ?

A: All CDL(F) series in our company are  connected with couplings. 


Q5: A circulating pump used in our company are seriously leaking. It is unknown whether the pump is come from your company?

A: The  water pump produced by our company  can be  judged from three points,  1. Pump invoice number, Q beginning 2. Factory number, a total of 10 digits 3. Bar code


Q6: Nowadays, a mechanical seal centrifugal pump is used in playing wastewater use, wastewater containing small molecules of resin, which solidified upon the  temperature coming down, which resulted   mechanical seal broken down in two days.  I would like to ask whether there is a good way to solve this problem.

A: Is the machine seal burnt out? If so, it may be caused by the friction burn out due to solidified grease adhering on the gap between the friction pair and preventing circulating water from entering. You can order our special type of knife edge machine seal to solve the problem, thank you.